Your title over here!

Your slogan over here!

Congratulations, you've got your very own wonderCMS installed. ;)

When you're ready to login into your site, use the default password admin. You can change the password to something safer by inputting a New password when logging in.

You can also change your website keywords, description, title, slogan, copyright, and menu. Also you can specify which theme to be used for the page layout. The release package contains only the default. You can include additional themes by download them from wonderCMS project site or create your own themes and upload them into your site.

This CMS weights less than 40kB.

Instructions and information:

Once you installed wonderCMS it is ready for use immediately. To update the page you simply login and then click on any editable areas and make the changes. There are additional contents that you can change by clicking on the Extra Settings link. The Settings are:
  • Menu - pages for your site
  • Theme - theme uses for the page layout
  • Meta - meta description and keywords for the page
  • Title - site title
  • Slogan - site slogan
  • Copyright - site copyright

If you experience any kind of trouble, you can always contact me right here.